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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Collection and Management of Receivables, Restructuring of Debts, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Lawsuits and Concordat Procedures

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law is the branch of law that regulates and ensures the functioning of the judicial and legal process that will come into effect as a result of the demand or requests to be made in order to collect the debt from the debtor who does not or cannot pay the debt to the creditor, how the creditor will receive his debt, and its collection. . In Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, since only the state is authorized to use force in enforcement works and transactions, the state; In order for the creditor to recover his receivables, it seizes the debtor’s rights and properties through the enforcement offices at the enforcement office, sells these goods through tenders, converts them into money and pays the money to the creditor in return for the receivable.

The fact that the commercial business and relations are increasing day by day, the competition and problems between the enterprises naturally increase and cause economic crises in this process; It is a known fact that economic crises affect the profitability of individuals or companies and make them incapable of paying their debts. In such cases, it is vitally important for individuals and businesses to collect your receivables as soon as possible, without any problems and with the least cost, and it is equally important for individuals and companies that have difficulty in paying their debts to pay their debts without going bankrupt, without losing their business and capital. Execution and bankruptcy law regulates these processes, which are of vital importance for the creditor and debtor. First of all, for the creditor to collect the debt or for the debtor who wants to pay his debts without losing his business, this process, which is of vital importance, must be followed well. Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law is a branch of law that has strict form requirements and is subject to deadlines. Failure to comply with the formal conditions and deadlines may result in heavy legal sanctions and grievances. Therefore, our Law Office recommends that all processes, transactions and lawsuits regarding Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law be followed up with an expert in enforcement and bankruptcy law. Making requests and objections in a timely manner and carrying out the process with the help of an expert lawyer will prevent individuals or businesses from living.

With more than 25 years of experience, Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which has successfully followed and concluded tens of thousands of enforcement proceedings is specialized in Execution and Bankruptcy Law, collects the receivables of its domestic and foreign clients in Turkey in the law offices located in Antalya and Kemer. It provides legal and consultancy services for Our basic principle is to get the client’s receivables in the fastest, most effective and least costly manner. With our experienced and expert lawyer staff in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, all kinds of research and transactions are carried out for the collection of debts and receivables arising from documents and transactions such as commercial, credit, invoice, current account, valuable papers and verdict, and to make collections as a result of the proceedings opened. In the implementation of all kinds of enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, following enforcement proceedings and lawsuits, collection of debts, seizure, Execution and execution of precautionary lien, pledge, mortgage transactions, participation in meetings in favor of the debtor and creditor, negotiations with the debtor and creditor for the purpose of settlement, bankruptcy, concordat and restructuring transactions, mergers and acquisitions of companies that have gone bankrupt or about to go bankrupt. I In bankruptcy law cases and transactions, consultancy to local and foreign companies, institutions and individuals, and execution and bankruptcy advocacy services under the best conditions are provided.

Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

25 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

33 Different Practice Areas

We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

The main legal services provided by our Attorney and Law Office to Domestic and Foreign Clients in Antalya and Turkey in the Field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Collection and Management of Receivables, Restructuring of Debts, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Cases and Concordat Transactions are as follows:

  • Our Bankruptcy Law Lawyers within the Scope of Bankruptcy Law; Persons Subject to Bankruptcy, such as Merchant and Responsible Persons such as Merchant, and those who act as if they have opened a commercial enterprise although they do not have a commercial enterprise, subsidiaries of equipment, those who have left the trade, Partners of Joint Ventures, Partners of Limited Partnerships, Persons who may be asked for bankruptcy pursuant to Article 110 of the Banking Law, Bankruptcy Before Death About Real or Legal Entity Debtors Requesting Concordat Bankruptcy Proceedings, Bankruptcy Lawsuits, Bankruptcy Appeal Case, Exhaustion of Legal Remedies Against Bankruptcy Decision, Registration to the Bankruptcy Desk, Fulfillment of Legal Procedures Required for Postponing Bankruptcy, Concordat Procedures, Bankruptcy Status Arrangement, Company Debt Status Determination, Improvement Project Arrangement, Arrangement of Company Agreements, Draft Bankruptcy Process Plan, Company Recovery Studies, Execution of Merger Processes of Bankrupt or Existing Companies, Execution of Selling Processes of Bankrupt or Existing Companies, Arranging Restructuring Procedures, Attending Creditors’ Meeting , Bankruptcy Desk Business and Transactions and Objection, Complaint and Cancellation Cases Related to These Transactions, Restructuring of Receivables / Debts of Companies and Individuals in Execution and Bankruptcy Stages, Rehabilitation and Reorganization of the Financial Situation, In the Sale of All or a Part of the Company, Identification of Risks, Bankruptcy Process Draft Bankruptcy Plan in the Preparation and Acceptance Stages, Legal Follow-up of All Transactions Until the Closing of the Bankruptcy Law in All Kinds of Disputes Relating to the Bankruptcy Law and Taken to the Judiciary as Before And After Legal Counseling And Advocacy Service,
  • Trying to Provide the Best Enforcement and Bankruptcy Advocacy Services Regarding Concordat Requests, Our Law Office, together with its Expert Financial Advisor and Real Estate Appraiser Business Partners, restores the financial situation of real and legal persons whose economic situation has deteriorated in case the capital companies are in debt or insolvency. Announcement of the Concordat for the Fulfillment, Negotiations with the Creditors, Preparation, Presentation and Acceptance of the Offers, All Legal Assistance and Transactions for the Protection of the Financial Balance, the Financial Situation of the Company both in the Stage of Fulfilling the Obligations of the Commercial Code and in the Scope of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law Valuation (Cash Flow Statement, Evaluation of Interim and Final Balance Sheets), Financial Analysis Report, Improvement Project, Payment Plans, Preparation of the Concordat Preliminary Project, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law within the Scope of Concordat Law, Ordinary Concordat, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law According to the Provisions of Article 285 Making, Fulfilling, Concordat Announcement, Confirmation of the Concordat, Follow-up of the Documents Required for the Concordat Request, Complaints of the Court Application, Extension of the Proceedings of the Temporary Delay, Concordant to the Complaints of the Commissioner. Provides Consultancy and Execution and Bankruptcy Attorney Service at All Stages of Concordat Business and Transactions and Concordat Process, such as Concluding Concordat Request and Litigation Process.
  • Complaint before Enforcement Law Courts or General Courts Against Enforcement Actions and Transactions Originating from Enforcement Law, Action for Termination of the Tender, Negative Determination (Detection of Non-Debt), Action for Cancellation of Disposition, Action for Restitution, Lawsuits for Suspension of the Enforcement Sale, Withdrawal of Execution. Decision to Release, Suspension of Enforcement Proceedings, Preparation and Follow-up of the Petition for Objection to Appraisal, and Actions for Objection to Appraisal, Lawsuits for Objection to the Order List, Action for Objection of Ineligibility, Complaints and Lawsuits Arising from Unlawful Notification. Enforcement Litigation Advocacy Service on Disputes and Disputes in Litigation, Litigation, Litigation Process Management and Termination,
  • Legal Follow-up of the Receivables on Behalf of the Creditors, Real and Legal Persons, Protection of the Legal Fields in the Legal Proceedings Made Against the Debtor, Real and Legal Persons, Ensuring the Determination of the Real Debt, Collection and Guarantee of Commercial and Personal Receivables, Conversion of the Guarantees into Cash, Enforcement Against the Clients Protection of Benefits and Prevention of Damage, Investigation of the Rights and Claims of the Debtors of the 3rd Persons, and the Movable and Immovable Properties of the Borrowers and Making the Necessary Seizures, Risk and Debt Management, Execution of Enforcement Procedures, Opening of All Kinds of Enforcement Proceedings, Seizure, Bank Account Blocking Transactions, Conservation and Follow-up of All Processes Including Sales, Opening of All Kinds of Enforcement Proceedings, Follow-up of All Processes Including Conservation and Sales, Opening, Foreclosure, Bank Account Blocking Transactions, Periodically Reporting to the Clients on the Execution Files, Applying for Precautionary Foreclosure. Enforcement Advocacy Service for the Fulfillment of Objection to Enforcement Proceedings,
  • Follow-up and Collection of Receivables in Foreign Countries through Law Offices Operating in the Foreign Countries with which the Cooperation is made, Advocacy and Consultancy Services for Domestic/Foreign Companies and Real Persons to Collect their Receivables in the Country, Conciliation and Conciliation on the Collection of Receivables of Foreign Clients within the Borders of Turkey. Reconstruction between the Parties by the Way of Peace Enforcement Advocacy Service for the Initiation, Collection and Termination of Legal Proceedings in accordance with the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law for the Purpose of Receiving the Receivables of Foreign Clients within the Borders of Turkey,
  • Collection of Bills of Exchange (Promissory Notes, Checks, Policies) by Execution, Collection of Court Decisions (Writs) by Execution and Collection of Receivables Based on an Ordinary Document or Even Not Based on any Document, Enforcement of Proceedings with a Judgment, Delivery of Movables or Evacuation of Immovable Or Surrender, Delivery of a Child or Establishing a Personal Relationship with a Child, Execution of Writs Regarding Money Borrowing or Giving Collateral, Mortgage Conversion, Proceedings Through Foreclosure of Movable Pledge, Proceedings Without Judgment, Foreclosure Follow-up with Bills of Exchange, Ordinary Proceeding by Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy with Bills of Exchange Follow-up, Ordinary Rent and Revenue Rent Follow-up and Delivery of Movables or Evacuation or Delivery of Immovables, Which are Considered as Execution Proceedings, Delivery of a Child or Establishing a Personal Relationship with a Child, Giving a Money Debt or Guarantee, or Doing or Not Doing a Job, Removal of the Right of Easement or Usufruct on the Ship Fulfillment of Related Writs, Mortgage Foreclosure, Conversion of Movable Pledge to Cash, Enforcement Proceedings and Conversion of Movable Pledge, which is considered an Enforcement Proceeding without Judgment, Foreclosure of Mortgage, Foreclosure Follow-up with Bills of Exchange, Ordinary Proceedings through Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Follow-up with Foreign Exchange Bills, Foreclosure of Ordinary Rent and Proceeding Rent and Execution Initiation, Collection of Housing, Site, Apartment Dues and Rent Receivables and All Other Receivables by Enforcement Channel Collection of Receivables from Finance, Loan and Rental Agreements, Collection of Real Estate Rent Receivables with No Judgment Follow-up, Evacuation and Delivery of Real Estates. In terms of Enforcement Proceedings, Enforcement Advocacy Service as both the Creditor’s Deputy and the Debtor’s Deputy through the Expert Enforcement Lawyers in Güneş & Güneş Law and Attorneyship,
  • Fraudulent – Negligent Bankruptcy Crimes and the Offenses of Drawing Bad Checks and Arranged in the Execution and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 and Seen before the Enforcement Criminal Courts; Debtor’s Decrease in Its Presence in order to Harm its Creditor, Debtor’s Incapacity Or Aggravating His Situation, Providing Special Interest in Bankruptcy and Concordat Affairs, Responsibility of the Manager in a Commercial Enterprise, Business Crimes Committed by the Authorized Persons in Restructuring by Concordat or Reconciliation, Business Crimes Committed by the Tenant Offenses, Failure to Fulfill Obligations, Abandonment of Trade, False Statement, Violation of Commitment, Opposition to Child Delivery Order, Re-entering the Immovable or Ship Delivered by the Enforcement Office, Execution and Bankruptcy Law Articles 30 and 31 Failure to Comply with the Provision of Articles 30 and 31, Failure to Pay Alimony or Alimony And Complainant or Defendant Advocacy Service in Enforcement Criminal Cases within the Scope of Withdrawal from Auction Crimes,
  • Advocacy on Arranging and Concluding Contracts Regarding Credit, Factoring or Leasing to be Obtained from Banks, Finance, Credit and Leasing Institutions, Providing Contractual Guarantees, Establishing Mortgage in the Land Registry, Resolution of Disputes arising from Finance, Credit and Leasing Contracts, Legal Enforcement Follow-up and Collection service,
  • Enforcement and Bankruptcy Lawsuits, Enforcement Criminal Lawsuits, Other Lawsuits falling within the jurisdiction of the Enforcement Court, Bankruptcy Lawsuits, Actions for Annulment of the Tender, Lawsuits for Precautionary Securities, Objection to Precautionary Securities, Objection to Debt, Actions for Objection and Cancellation of Objection, Actions for Restitution, Actions for Negative Determination, Cancellation of Disposition Lawsuits, Enforcement Complaints Lawsuits, Eviction Lawsuits, Objection to Payment Order/Execution Order, Evacuation of Leased Immovables, Actions for Objection to Signature, Lawsuits for Compensation Due to Unjust Prosecution and Unlawful Seizure, Lawsuits against the State Due to Enforcement Procedures, Lawsuit Process Management, Enforcement Law Litigation Advocacy Service for the Termination of Litigation,
  • Providing Consultancy to Companies in Economic Difficulties on the Management of Their Assets, Conducting Debt Restructuring Negotiations and Preparation of Protocols Regarding Debt Liquidation, Arranging Debt Payment Protocols and Follow-up of Payments, Liquidation of Debts, Restructuring of Debts, Objection to Execution Procedures for Debtors, For Capital Companies; Announcement of Concordat to Restore the Economic Conditions of Companies whose Economy Deteriorated Due to the Deterioration of the Financial Condition, Negotiations with Creditor Banks, Financial Institutions, Companies and Individuals, Preparation of Proposal, Taking All Legal Measures for the Protection of Economic Balance, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Proceedings of Companies and Individuals The Restructuring of All Kinds of Receivables and Debts and the Pose of the Economic Situation Preparation of Required Legal Transactions and Infrastructure for Acceleration in the Positive Direction, Restructuring of Financial Debts by Banks and Adapting to Current Conditions, Planning or Selecting Financial Models and Projects within the Scope of Restructuring Debts, Continuing Negotiations Regarding Financial Models and Projects, Preparation of Related Legal Documents, All Kinds of Collateral Financial Solutions and Consultancy Services Specially Designed for the Needs of Our Clients for the Establishment,

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