Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

Because Güneş & Güneş Law Firm;

  • It is a law firm with 25 years of experience, constantly improving itself and having an international vision.
  • It is an international law firm that provides services primarily in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.
  • It is a law firm that not only resolves the disputes of its clients, but also prevents problems from arising with “protective attorneyship”.
  • It is an office that has adopted the corporate culture, is strong in terms of academic as well as practical aspects, and current legal developments are constantly followed.
  • Conscious of being the writer of the book, not the reader; Being aware of production and creativity, it has a staff of lawyers who are constantly improving themselves, have professional experience in our fields of work, speak foreign languages, and have strong oratory skills.
  • It is a law firm that has contributed to the training and professional development of hundreds of trainee lawyers and lawyers in its 25-year period.
  • It is a Law Firm that cares about each of its clients and has made it a principle to provide one-to-one, fast, high quality, effective and efficient services to its clients.
  • It is a law firm that approaches the issues analytically, does not give up with rational methods, Maintains disciplined and systematic process follow-up, and achieves results.
  • It is a law firm that attaches particular importance to trust and confidentiality in its relations with its clients and business partners.
  • Since it gives importance to the rights of its clients, it is an office whose legal services are covered by Professional Liability Insurance.
  • It is a law firm that respects and attaches importance to its clients’ right to be informed, and informs its clients in every development of legal stages.
  • The achievements of our clients are a priority and important for us. Because each client is special and important to us.
  • The reliability and prestige of Güneş & Güneş stems from its 25-year history and achievements.
  • In order to understand and meet the expectations of our clients in the best way, we communicate directly and respond quickly to their information and requests. Because we care about client satisfaction.
  • We care about information. With our multi-disciplinary approach, we create an innovative perspective that makes a difference by blending our expertise with knowledge and experience within the scope of the legal service we provide with our team that has reached the level of expertise in more than one field.
  • As a law firm, we are constantly updating, renewing and developing ourselves to provide better legal services. We listen to the world, observe and think with broad perspectives.
  • We know how important the method and style are in narration and understanding. For this, we produce petitions that make a difference with effective language and writing techniques in legal processes and trial stages, and we use effective oratory and presentation techniques.
  • We always attach importance to developing and renewing our corporate and technological office infrastructure. We know that quality is not a coincidence, it is a choice.

Your choices should be based on conscious choices, not coincidences!

“Being the best and most distinguished law firm is not a simple phenomenon. You need to work hard, produce ambitious and creative solutions. You need to put forward a lot of results-oriented achievements. All these are not enough due to the size of the target, you also need a different and awareness-raising vision and a mission structured according to this vision. Here is the vision of Güneş & Güneş Law Firm; strives to be one of the best, most exclusive and largest law firms not only in Antalya but also everywhere in Turkey. All our work is directed towards this goal; We will work harder and produce more quality service and value.”

Umut Güneş

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