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Tax Law, Tax Disputes and Tax Litigation

Tax Law; The nature of the tax, which is one of the income generating methods of the state and other public legal entities, its birth, the tax accrual to real and legal persons, the collection of the accrued tax, and the rules on how to resolve any disputes that may arise between the public and individuals in this taxation process. encompassing law.

The most distinctive feature of this branch of law is; In the taxation processes, which are very critical for the existence and continuation of the state, the direct confrontation of individuals and the state authority and the fact that real or legal persons who are taxpayers are always in a weaker position against the state. In addition, although taxpayers have serious rights and obligations in the taxation process, it is necessary to act within the limits of the law. In addition, issues such as the extremely diverse and complex legislation in the Turkish Tax System, the lack of unity of practice among tax administrations on many important issues, and the differences in the decisions given by the courts as a result of tax proceedings cause serious problems for taxpayers. For this reason, resolving tax disputes in this field by cooperating with a lawyer specialized in tax law or a law firm that is expert and experienced in tax cases will make it easier for the taxpayer to obtain the relevant right and will not be subject to any penal sanction.

The fact that tax lawyers have full knowledge of every detail, including criminal sanctions related to tax law, will save the lives of the real and legal persons they represent, while ensuring that the litigation process is very accurate and favorable, from negotiations with the Tax Office in the face of disputes to the litigation process. Because within the scope of tax penalties, there are fines as well as imprisonment penalties as well as the tax to be paid. Since the position of the tax lawyer is of vital importance, carelessness, wrong evaluation, deficiency, delay or mismanagement of the process may result in undesirable material and moral consequences.
Here, Güneş & Güneş Law Office, which has been serving its domestic and foreign clients all over Turkey, especially in Antalya, with its experienced lawyers for more than 25 years, in the field of administrative and tax law, preventive law. It ensures that its clients act in accordance with the law in the taxation processes they are in and provides services to prevent our clients from receiving tax penalties and sanctions.

Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

25 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

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We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

With Over 25 Years of Experience, Our Competent and Expert Lawyer and Law Firm in Tax Law and Tax Disputes Provided to Domestic and Foreign Clients in Antalya and Turkey, and Tax Law Advocacy Services in the Field of Tax Law and Tax Disputes are as follows:

  • Execution of Transactions Related to Tax Planning and Structuring Processes, Asset Management, Providing Legal Support in the Assessment, Accrual and Collection Processes of Tax Types, Removal of Tax Loss Penalty, Irregularity and Special Irregularity Penalties, and Reconciliation with the Administration for the Resolution of Other Tax Disputes, Reduction or Correction in Penalties. Tax Law advocacy and Consultancy Service regarding Application, Taxation Process and Elimination of Tax Debt, Application Areas of Tax Laws, Filing and Follow-up of Lawsuits Filed in Tax Courts and the Council of State,
  • Application for Administrative Solutions in Tax Disputes arising from Reconciliation and Tax Errors (Errors in Calculation, Error in Base, Error in Tax Amount, Double Tax, Error in Taxation, Error in Obligation, Error in Liability, Error in Subject, Error in Taxation and Exemption Periods) and Correction Issues, Application Tax Law Advocacy and Consultancy Service for Following the Process, Filing and Concluding Lawsuits in Tax Courts in Cases of Failure to Result in the Application to the Administration,
  • Criminal Law Smuggling, Attempted Smuggling, Violation of Tax Confidentiality, Failure to Notify Competent Authorities and Officials, Doing Private Jobs of Obligations, Issuing or Using False Invoices. Follow-up of Litigation Procedures Regarding the Annulment of Unlawful Administrative Actions in Administrative Investigation; Establishing Defense for Criminal Case as Tax Criminal Lawyer in Prosecution Investigations and Public Criminal Cases in Antalya and Turkey All Kinds of Legal Counseling, Legal Aid, and Advocacy Support Services on Tax Law,
  • Filing Actions for Cancellation and Full Jurisdiction in Tax Law Disputes, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Corporate Tax, Motor Vehicles Tax i, Real Estate Tax, Stamp Duty, Special Consumption Tax, In short, Ensuring the Correction of Disputes arising from All Taxes, Errors in Accounting, and Taxation Errors, Objection to the Payment Order and Precautionary Seizure Sent for Tax Reasons, Tax Penalty, Filing an Action for Cancellation in the Tax Court against the Tax Date, Making Administrative Applications and Objections, Execution of All Reconciliation Procedures During the Litigation, Cancellation of Tax Penalties and Correction Requests, Following the Litigation Process in the Tax and Administrative Courts in case the Disputes cannot be resolved at the Administrative Stage, and Resolving All Kinds of Disputes That May Be Encountered After the Litigation As a Tax Lawyer in Antalya and Turkey All Kinds of Legal Consultancy, Legal Aid and Legal Advocacy Support Services on Law,
  • Evaluating the Tax Risk and/or Consequence of Commercial Transactions in accordance with the Legal and Financial Structures of the Companies, Evaluation of Alternative Situations such as Merger and Acquisition, Full or Partial Division, Change of Type, Transfer of Assets, Technical Bankruptcy of Real or Legal Persons within the scope of Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and/or Detection of Insolvency Situations, Determination of Tax Legal Transactions to be Applied in Elimination of Risky Financial Situations, Resolving Tax Disputes on Issues such as Accrued Taxes, Tax Loss, Unjustified Payment Orders and Irregularity Penalties, Restructuring of Companies’ Tax Activities in Customs Operations, Imports of Companies Searching for Objection Ways Against Possible Additional Accruals and Fines and Evaluation of All Legal Remedies in This Scope, Evaluation of Tax Risks of Companies Before Merger, Acquisition and Division Transactions, Tax Management Restructuring and Tax Planning, All Kinds of Legal Advice on Tax Law, Legal Aid and Tax Cases Advocacy Service as a Tax Lawyer in Antalya and Turkey in Disputes Regarding the Liability of Company Managers or Company Partners for Tax Public Debts,
  • Filing a Litigation for the Annulment of Irregularity Penalties Accrued and Suspended by Revenue Administrations, Tax Offices and Customs Administration and Follow-up of the Litigation Process, Providing Technical and Legal Support and Solutions in Cases in Tax Courts, Regional Administrative Courts and the Council of State, Reconciliation Regarding Accrued Taxes Application, Consultancy in International and Domestic Tax Planning Issues and Tax Law Practices, Tax Risk Determination Before Merger, Acquisition and Division Transactions, National and International Regulations and Tax Restructuring and Tax Planning in Antalya and Tax Law as a Tax Lawyer in Turkey in General All Kinds of Legal Counseling, Legal Aid and Tax Cases Advocacy Services,
  • Evaluation of Alternative Solutions and Administrative Jurisdiction on Taxes and Penalties in All Disputes Regarding Customs and Equivalent Taxes, Customs Fines and Other Financial Obligations and Administrative Fines Proceeding After the Investigation and Investigation by the Customs Administration in accordance with the Customs Law No. 4458 Following the All Judicial Process within the Scope of Customs Disputes by Preparing the Petitions of Objection against Additional Accrual and Fines Decisions, and Following the Appeal Process, as a Tax and Customs Lawyer in Antalya and Turkey in Cases arising from Customs Transactions. All Kinds of Legal Counseling, Legal Aid and Advocacy Services in Tax-Customs Lawsuits,
  • Determination of the Amount Responsible for the Company Shares Against the Company Partners, Against the Enforcement Proceedings Opened for the Collection of Public Debts in accordance with the Law No. 6183 on the Collection of Public Receivables Due to the Company’s Tax and Insurance Debts, and the Seizures on the Assets of the Partners. All Kinds of Legal Counseling, Legal Aid and Tax Cases Advocacy Services as a Tax Lawyer in Antalya and Turkey for the Annulment and Removal of Unlawful Seizures,
  • Preparation of Tax Litigation Petitions and Petitions for Defense in Tax Cases to be Filed in Tax / Administrative Courts, Preparation of Conciliation Commission Applications, Evaluation of the Decision of Conciliation or Litigation, Preparation of Administrative Applications such as Ruling, Regret, Correction and Complaint, Analysis and Interpretation of the Results, All Kinds of Legal Consultancy on Tax Law, Such as Legal Evaluation of Tax Inspection and Tax Technique Reports Issued as a Result of Tax Inspection, Law Two Assistance and Tax Litigation Advocacy Service,
  • Litigation for Cancellation of All Kinds of Tax / Penalty Notices, Actions for Cancellation of Payment Order, Actions for Seizure, E-Foreclosure, Precautionary Securities and Precautionary Accrual Actions for Cancellation of Sales Transactions, Rejection of the Request for Adoption on Special Principles (Code) and Transfer from Special Principles to General Principles Actions for Cancellation of Transactions, Payment Orders Issued on behalf of Legal Representatives of Capital and Sole Proprietorships and Partners, and Actions for Cancellation of Seizures and Sales Transactions Established against them, Value Added Tax In particular, Corporate/Income Tax, Alleged Issuing or Using Forged or Misleading Documents Based on Content Actions for Cancellation of Provisional Tax, Actions for Cancellation of Value Added Tax Assessments Due to Failure to Submit Books and/or Documents for Inspection, Actions for Cancellation of Obligations Established by Tax Administrations Due to Vehicle or Immovable Purchase-Sale Activity, Assesments Made and Penalties Imposed, With Objection and All Kinds of Legal Counseling, Legal Aid and Tax Litigation Advocacy Services in Actions for Cancellation of Taxes and Fines Accrued on the Declarations Made, Rejection or Implied Refusal Actions Established on Correction-Complaint Application,
  • Providing Consultancy and Support During Tax Inspections, Evaluation of the Investigation Process and Report, Application to the Report Evaluation Commission, Determining the Legal Remedies to Be Taken Against the Inspection Report, Providing All Kinds of Legal Counseling and Support on Pre-Assessment/Post-Assessment Reconciliation, No Reconciliation, and Advocacy Service for the Management of the Individual Application Process to the Constitutional Court with the Follow-up of the Entire Judicial Process in Case of Litigation, Leads to Knowledge and Experience.
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