Arbitration Cases

Arbitration agreement; It is the contract that aims to reach a solution through appointed arbitrators instead of the judicial systems that have arisen or may arise. In order for the arbitration, which is described as an alternative dispute resolution method, to be implemented between the parties, there must be an arbitration agreement or a contract with an arbitration clause between them.

As Güneş & Güneş; We represent our clients with arbitration agreements before national and international arbitration institutions and ad hoc arbitration courts. In our office, where sectoral developments are followed up-to-date, we choose the solutions for disputes in accordance with the sectors our clients are subject to and by analyzing possible risks. In addition, as a law firm, we provide legal consultancy services in order to resolve disputes as soon as possible with the right strategy on issues such as the preparation of arbitration agreements, the collection of evidence during the arbitration proceedings, and the determination of the applicable law.

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