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International Trade and Customs Law Cases

International Commercial Law is the view of commercial law in the international market and expresses all the rules of law regarding the establishment, maintenance, termination of commercial business or relations between commercial companies in different countries and the resolution of disputes that may arise. Customs law; It is a branch of law established for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the entry and exit of goods and goods within the borders of a country, and it is a branch of law that finds solutions to disputes that arise regarding the inspection of goods subject to customs by the state.

Today, with the increase in international commercial relations, International Commercial Law and Customs Law have gained an important dimension. With the gaining of an international dimension of trade, the parties of trade have ceased to be local and have become international actors. The trade of every country in the world now has gained an international identity. International Trade and Customs Disputes have also increased as a result of increasing import and export activities with the development of technology and logistics sector at global and global level; It has become a branch of law that should be followed by experts in the business.

The legal dimension of the relations in question has not been addressed, due to the fact that the legal practices, rules and regulations in the fields of international trade, arbitration and customs are constantly changing and intertwined, and that these rapid changes and developments also bring very serious risks for the actors. Lawyers who will be able to rationally represent the buyers and traders in the global arena and reduce their risks should also be well-trained in the field of International Commercial Law and have knowledge and experience in their fields.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm lawyers want to represent their clients in the best way in the national and international arena; Güneş & Güneş Law Firm consist of expert lawyers who have developed themselves in the field of International Commercial Law and Customs Law and have acquired the necessary knowledge. Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which has been serving national and international domestic or foreign clients for 25 years, is considered among the successful and best corporate lawyers and law firms in Antalya. Güneş & Güneş Law Firm is happy to serve his clients in legal matters and transactions.

Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

25 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

33 Different Practice Areas

We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

The Main Services Provided by Our Attorney and Law Firm to Domestic and Foreign Clients in Antalya and Turkey in the Field of International Trade and Customs Law are as follows:

  • Providing legal opinions to national and international local and foreign companies and clients on Customs and Foreign trade legislation, interpretation of Customs and Foreign trade practices, analysis of foreign trade and customs operations, regular information on customs and foreign trade legislation, Legal consultancy and advocacy service on customs and international trade law issues and disputes for the analysis of the situation of trade operations against customs legislation,
  • In Customs Disputes Process Management, such as objecting to the decisions of additional accruals and administrative fines issued by the customs administrations, determining the ways to be followed against customs disputes, resolving customs disputes at the administrative stage, representing the obliged parties before the customs administration in the customs settlement process, litigating customs disputes before judicial authorities. consulting and advocacy service
  • Expert in customs and international commercial law subjects and cases such as cases arising from customs procedures, cases of prevention of unfair competition in imports, cases arising from the Law on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency, application to international arbitration methods and resolution of problems through arbitration, resolution of cases arising from international commercial contracts in authorized courts. litigation services as a customs, international trade, import and export law attorney,
  • Expert in customs and international commercial law matters and cases regarding the preparation, inspection and interpretation of international contracts, and translation of contracts prepared in a foreign language from English, German, Russian and Dutch languages in accordance with the legal technique, their translation into these languages and their preparation and interpretation in these languages. support and consultancy services as a foreign trade lawyer,
  • Consultancy service by an expert lawyer in customs and international trade law matters and cases, including foreign debt follow-up, foreign investment consultancy,
  • Administrative procedures and decisions established by the Undersecretariat of Customs, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Undersecretariat of Treasury and other relevant institutions; If it is examined whether it is in compliance with the legislation and the law and if its legal contradiction is determined, an administrative decision will be made against these transactions and decisions. Legal support and consultancy, advocacy service, regarding the application to the Administration for its removal or removal, and to be the subject of an administrative lawsuit in case of failure,
  • In particular, the accrued Customs Taxes, Fines and Public Disclosure (forcing/confiscation) decisions; During the importation of any goods, the Customs Administration, against the Customs Duties and funds requested by the Customs Administration with the claim of non-payment or underpayment, and all kinds of executive and legal decisions, is subject to the reconciliation institution regulated in Article 244 of the Customs Law and the objection legal remedy regulated in Article 242 of the Customs Law. Legal support, consultancy and advocacy services for “Correction, Reconciliation, Objection” applications to benefit from, to file a lawsuit in Tax or Administrative Courts depending on the subject in case of failure, and to appeal court decisions before the Council of State,
  • Statement, arrest, detention, arrest, search, seizure, detention, judicial law enforcement units of the Police, Gendarmerie and Customs Enforcement, after the investigation, investigation and investigations started by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on the allegation of committing any of the smuggling acts specified in the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607. protecting the legal rights of clients in relation to criminal law decisions and transactions such as control, taking legal action if there is any illegality, forming defenses in investigation and criminal files; Advocacy services in Criminal Courts of First Instance or Heavy Penal Court regarding the follow-up as a criminal lawyer in the cases filed in Criminal or Heavy Penal Courts of First Instance with the allegation of committing any of the smuggling acts specified in the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607, forming defenses and concluding appropriately,
  • Objection to the administration regarding taxes and fines accrued in accordance with Customs, Import and Export Law, Customs Law No. 4458, VAT Law No. 3065, SCT Law No. 4760 and Tax Procedure Law No. 213, Legal support, consultancy and advocacy services for filing lawsuits in Administrative Courts and appealing court decisions to the Council of State,
  • Within the scope of International Foreign Trade, import and export and Customs Law; Preparing all kinds of contracts to be made with domestic and foreign companies within the framework of international law, International purchase and sale contracts, dealership, concession and agency contracts, financing techniques, Customs transactions, provision of loan agreements, preparation, inspection and interpretation of international contracts in the desired language, Ensuring the follow-up and collection of receivables, Providing consultancy and training services on the supervision and regulation of import and export transactions, representation in negotiations, delivery payment methods, foreign exchange movements, cost of goods, transportation, Capital increase and reduction transactions, Leasing and factoring contracts, Domestic and international anti-dumping and subsidy investigations opened outside
  • Legal consultancy and advocacy services in international foreign trade, import and export, customs practices and transactions and disputes on these issues, such as foreign investment consultancy, bank letters of guarantee, payment and delivery methods,
  • Legal support, consultancy and advocacy services in the disciplinary investigation and penalty application proceedings, investigations and lawsuits regarding the Customs Personnel and Customs Brokers in accordance with the Civil Servants Law No. 657 and the Customs Law,
  • Preparation of letters of intent for international trade in the desired foreign language, legal consultancy for the preparation, interpretation and supervision of license agreements, franchising agreements, distributorship agreements and other related agreements
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