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How do we work?

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, serving as legal consultancy and law firm in Antalya and Kemer for 25 years has been striving to provide the most effective and result-oriented solutions to the legal demands and problems of its clients, with the analytical deduction and rational methods of its expert lawyer staff, with its corporate structure and strong infrastructure office systems.

Since the day it was founded, our law firm has been increasing its dynamic lawyer staff and clients every year, with the aim of providing good service to real and legal persons, domestic and foreign clients coming from different sectors with its experienced and dynamic structure, taking into account the commercial targets and development demands of their clients. It has continued to work with solid foundations, produces creative and rational solutions to protect the rights and interests of its clients, and provides innovative, holistic and reliable services by preserving the traditional values ​​of the profession.

Güneş Hukuk Bürosu

Güneş & Güneş provides continuous and permanent legal consultancy services on the issues that its real or legal person clients need; litigation or arbitration proceedings and litigation attorneyship for possible legal disputes of natural or legal person domestic or foreign clients, on any legal issue or problem with 25 years of experience, by preparing expert opinion, in cooperation with local and global law offices and technical issues. It has become a law firm with full legal equipment, providing uninterrupted and effective legal services to its clients through its solution partners.

Our law firm, which sees each of our clients and clients who prefer our effective and result-oriented services, as a companion in their legal process, in the face of any legal demand and problem of our clients; As a result through  face-to-face or online communication tools all aspects and elements of the problem are determined. In the disputes that are inevitable to be resolved without a litigation or through a lawsuit, the possible benefits and risks of the situation or litigation are explained to the client; The course of action and strategies to be followed are put into practice after the requester’s approval. As a result of the general evaluation, if we want to follow up the legal problem or the case, we need to start by taking a power of attorney after the agreement.  The work is concluded with the most effective solutions for the benefit of the client, with the institutionalized working methods of our office, and the work is finalized meticulously and responsibly.

It is one of the basic principles of our office to inform our clients about the developments at all stages of the legal processes of our clients through written or oral update reports periodically. In addition, the lawyers of our law firm, who have adopted the legal problems of their clients from the very first moment; We carry  out the legal processes, which start with meticulous, careful and detailed preparatory work, in an exchange of ideas and in cooperation by constantly communicating with the clients.


Güneş & Güneş Law Office, as a law firm that cares about and meticulously implements its communication with its clients, while providing consultancy and attorneyship services, maintains all communication with its clients and client candidates, if they request a meeting, by making an appointment with our appointment system in its offices in Antalya and Kemer. It offers face-to-face or, upon request, active video conference call applications such as teleconference, skype, whatsapp, zoom, via e-mail or telephone for our clients and clients who live abroad or domestically but cannot come to our office.

You can also communicate with us through the communication tools on our website.Our work in our law firm is carried out at the level of departments in order to provide special services in accordance with the needs of our clients within a corporate structure and system. All departments have been shaped according to the nature and needs of the works followed.

Departments such as litigation, enforcement, consultancy, accounting, secretariat and information processing have been established in our office, and in order to provide better quality service in our work, it is maintained by expert lawyers and assistant personnel working in these departments, the knowledge and experience of 25 years of history, combined with today’s dynamism and teamwork, and high It aims to create and add value to its clients by providing quality service.In our office, our creative and investigative lawyers serve their clients.

Since every information belonging to us is considered as a professional secret and is seen as confidential, it has always been the priority of our office to observe confidentiality principles and attach importance to professional ethics and ethics at every stage.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which knows how important information is in the legal achievements of our clients, has the largest and most up-to-date law library in Antalya, follows up-to-date legislation using the latest technology, and offers case-law programs that contain millions of precedent, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court decisions. In addition to being an office that gives importance to use at every stage of its and legal processes, it also gives special importance to the professional and personal development of each member of the Güneş & Güneş family by organizing continuous and regular in-office trainings for lawyers, lawyer trainees and all employees.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm determines the attorney’s fee, taking into account the nature and process of the job, the advisory fee schedule of the Antalya Bar Association, and the general principles of the attorneyship profession. In this context, it provides the opportunity to pay the consultancy fee monthly or annually by issuing an attorney’s fee contract, especially in relations with legal entities. Again, depending on the subject of legal aid, it can be applied on an hourly basis upon request.

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