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Insurance & Reinsurance Law and Litigation

Insurance Law is the set of norms and practices determined for the purpose of detecting, preventing and eliminating errors, violations and legal disputes that arise in insurance activities, in which the insurer undertakes to bear the economic consequences in case of a danger or risk that causes harm, and the rights and obligations arising from insurance contracts are determined.

The basis of legal disputes arising from insurance practice; While determining the scope of the insurance contract, whether or not the risk occurred or when it occurred, bad faith, fault status and collection from defective persons, the basis of Reinsurance Law is the re-insurance of all or part of the insured risk. Reinsurance, which is also defined as reinsurance; It is the transfer of the risk taken by the insurer to another insurer. In other words, it can be defined as the insurance of the insurer’s liability, in other words, the insurance of the insurance. In reinsurance, the insurer transfers some or all of its risk to another insurer.

Since the insurance sector and its legislation are one of the most dynamic and volatile sectors in our country’s legal system, the constantly changing and updated insurance legislation, policy general conditions, compensation calculation techniques, risk definition and fault responsibilities are constantly changing in order to defend and obtain the rights guaranteed by insurance. It has become very important to work with a law firm lawyers who are experts in insurance law and litigation.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which has been serving its national and international domestic or foreign clients for 25 years, is recognized as one of the successful and best corporate attorneys and law firms in Antalya and Turkey. Güneş & Güneş Law Firm with its lawyers who are experts in the field of insurance law and insurance provide preventive legal consultancy services on issues such as determination of reinsurance value, reduction of exemptions in favor of the client, identification of persons and determination of repayment conditions; In cases where the risk is realized and the damage is incurred, advocacy services are provided for the determination and compensation of the damage, the examination of the expert’s studies and the follow-up of possible recourse lawsuits.

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We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

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We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

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We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

The Main Attorney Services Provided by Our Attorney and Law Firm to Domestic and Foreign Clients in Antalya and Turkey in the Field of Insurance and Reinsurance Law and Litigation are as follows:

  • In disputes arising from Highways Motor Vehicles Compulsory Liability Insurance (Mandatory Traffic Insurance) and after traffic accidents; This policy includes compensation for loss of support (in case of death), compensation for permanent and temporary incapacity for work (in case of injury), compensation for caregiver expenses (injuries), compensation for health expenses, compensation for funeral expenses, moral compensation, compensation for vehicle depreciation, compensation for vehicle repair costs. filing all kinds of compensation lawsuits within the scope of the type, legal representation in lawsuits and advocacy services in all kinds of compensation lawsuits,
  • Advocacy services regarding the filing of a compensation case and the elimination of damage in traffic accidents involving vehicles with foreign license plates and insurance policies of foreign insurance companies,
  • Advocacy service for filing a lawsuit for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages regarding insurance costs in disputes arising from Land Vehicles Motor Vehicle Insurance and Road Passenger Transportation Compulsory Seat Personal Accident Insurance, and for the elimination of damage,
  • Advocacy service in the process of resolving disputes through litigation in disputes related to aviation and marine insurance,
  • In disputes arising from Employer Liability Insurance, Financial Liability Insurance Against Third Parties, Pension insurance, health insurance and life insurance (especially the demand for collection of the deceased loan debtor from the bank’s heirs due to the bank loan debt within the scope of life insurance and related disputes) consultancy and advocacy service,
  • Termination of insurance contracts, partial annulment and withdrawal, loss insurance, especially disputes arising in case of breach of obligations in insurance contracts, legal consultancy and advocacy services in disputes arising from compulsory liability insurance,
  • Advocacy services in cases of recourse to the injured party or third parties of the compensation and insurance costs paid by the insurance companies to the injured party,
  • Consultancy and litigation advocacy services to national and international insurance and reinsurance companies regarding administrative regulations, sectoral activities and contract dimensions in the insurance sector in Turkey,
  • Our services regarding insurance policies, in particular, professional liability policies, financial liability policies arising from medical malpractice, traffic-insurance insurance policies, fire insurance policies, Litigation advocacy services in lawsuits filed or to be filed in relation to disputes arising from various third party financial liability insurance policies, including personal accident insurance policies and employer liability and manager liability policies,
  • Legal consultancy and advocacy services in the fields of carrying out insurance arbitration transactions with the help of foreign partner offices, realizing recourse transactions against foreign insurance companies, monitoring the damage processes and compensation processes,
  • To domestic and foreign logistics companies; Litigation advocacy service regarding the execution of the processes of damage and compensation claims that may occur in the field of liability insurance, commodity, carrier liability, transportation insurance, filing lawsuits and executing the litigation process,
  • Legal consultancy and advocacy services regarding risk determination and negotiation with insurance companies in order to include the risks of client companies in the scope of insurance, fulfillment of the warning and notification obligations regarding the compensation of the required damage and appraisal file and the damage claim, and the creation of the damage file,
  • Obtaining a risk analysis and medicolegal report in claims for compensation arising from medical malpractice lawsuits directed to physicians and health institutions due to Compulsory Financial Liability Policies for Medical Malpractice, Advocacy service regarding the claim for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and consultancy service in the peace processes,
  • Filing indemnity lawsuits against domestic and foreign insurance companies regarding the settlement of disputes within the scope of insurance lawsuits and litigation process management,
  • Services regarding insurance, compensation, damage, recourse, aircraft, ship and vehicle accidents, travel and tourism insurance, consultancy and legal litigation advocacy services in insurance claims and lawsuits arising from accidents caused by hotel accidents,
  • Acting as a bridge between Turkish, foreign individuals and insurance companies and foreign insurance companies operating in the international arena with the insurance companies in Turkey or their insured, representation in negotiations in Turkey, communication, recourse lawsuits for damages from the insurance company of the country in question, and compensation lawsuits. legal consultancy and advocacy service,
  • Counseling and litigation advocacy services to the insurer and the insured parties regarding the settlement of disputes arising from the insurance policy between the parties of the compulsory traffic insurance, motor own damage insurance, compulsory earthquake insurance, housing insurance and private health insurance and other insurance policies before the Insurance Arbitration Commission,
  • Within the scope of damage studies carried out due to damage; The legal management of the post-damage process, including the determination and compensation of the actual damage, the supervision of the Expert’s work and the objection to the report,
  • Litigation advocacy services regarding the compensation of damages within the scope of insurance damage caused by floods, fires, earthquakes and other disasters, filing of claims and compensation lawsuits and concluding the lawsuits,
  • In cases of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages filed as a result of work accident, permanent incapacity income or death pension as a result of work accident, resolution of legal problems related to health insurance, motor insurance, traffic insurance, private insurance, life insurance, new value insurance and mediation negotiations. litigation advocacy service in the follow-up of representation and lawsuits,
  • Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance is a must. But despite this, since the fund called “Assurance Account” is created in accordance with the law for the vehicle that does not have Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance; Since the person who suffered material damage as a result of the traffic accident will collect this loss by filing a lawsuit against the Assurance Account as the insurer of the faulty party, in the traffic accidents with an unknown multiplier, the compensation of the material damage suffered by the injured party is determined by the Assurance Account regarding the material damages caused by the traffic accident.

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