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Foreigners Law and Foreign Investments

The whole of the rules regulating the rights and freedoms of foreigners constitute the Law of Foreigners. Foreigners Law; is the branch of law that regulates the entry of foreigners into our country, their employment, residence, establishment of association-foundation-union, becoming a member of them, receiving education, investing, buying real estate, taking initiatives, benefiting from social security rights, getting married, divorced, and naturalization. Foreigners Law also covers refugees and refugee rights.

International Commercial Law, on the other hand, is the most up-to-date and developing branch of law in the globalizing world, it concerns almost every person and every country, and has become the necessity and reality of the globalizing world. International Commercial Law is a law that has become a universal law as a result of the spread of the global economy to almost every area and increasing import and export activities, regulating the purchase and sale of goods and services, international commercial contracts and these agreements and relations between companies residing in different countries or foreign traders real persons.

To determine the best place to invest and live in a country, it is important to have knowledge about the sector to invest in, to know the legal process and procedure, to determine the conditions of competition in the country, to negotiate with local authorities and contract parties. Here, Güneş & Güneş Law Office has given the best support to this necessity for 25 years; Since it has successfully provided the legal and financial support they need to foreign clients who want to invest, live, work and become citizens in Turkey. Antalya hosts the highest number of foreigners in our country and is the capital of tourism.

Our Law Office provides legal consultancy services regarding the investment areas that foreign real and legal person clients want to realize in Turkey. Our services includes researching governmental and secretarial incentives and investment supports, pre-feasibility studies regarding the investments to be made, informing about the tax advantages and liabilities that investments and companies are subject to, following the works and transactions to be made before the relevant institutions and organizations in order to obtain permits and incentives for investments, To be established, including representing the relevant institutions and organizations, preparation of all kinds of contracts, determination of the relevant investment region including free zones, organized industrial zones, technopolis and similar incentive zones, determination of advantages and disadvantages, which company should be established for which investment. Consultancy on the legal structure and establishment of the company, preparation of all kinds of company articles of association, obtaining legal permissions for the company to be established, establishment of a company, branch, liaison office and business, obtaining work and residence permits, Foreign investment Analysis and consultancy to determine the risk and earnings balance of the buyer and independent audits of existing companies to be partnered or to be entered into alone in Turkey in accordance with international accounting standards, payment and delivery methods used in international trade, letter of credit (bank letter of guarantee) applications in international practice, international purchase- including consultancy and litigation in all areas that foreign investors may need, including in vital matters for companies such as sales, agency, distributorship, leasing (financial leasing), license and know-how management, management of all processes of general assembly and board of directors meetings.

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We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

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We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

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Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

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We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

As Gunes & Gunes Law Firm, the Legal Services We Provide to Our Foreign Clients on Foreigners Law and Foreign Capital and Investments are as follows;

  • Advocacy and Litigation Service for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions Regarding wills and Fulfillment of Wills of Foreigners
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Inheritance by Foreigners in Turkey,
  • Recognition and Enforcement of the Certificate of Inheritance from the Foreign Court Regarding Immovable Property or the inheritence procedure by the Turkish Courts,
  • Legal Counseling and Support Service in the Process of Foreign Legal Persons Acquiring Real Estate in Turkey by Inheritance and Foreign Real Persons Acquiring Movable ( Car / Money from the Bank) and Registration of Movable or Immovable Inheritance Shares in the Names of Heirs,
  • Litigation Advocacy Service Regarding the Recognition and Enforcement by Turkish Courts in Turkey of Divorce, Alimony, Custody, Compensation, Property Sharing Decisions of a Foreign Person or Turkish Citizens Given by a Foreign Court
  • Removal of the Ban on Entry to the Dormitory, removal of deportation Decision of a Foreigner and removal of Code Decision Applied to Foreigners. Objection to Court Decisions Given to Foreign Nationals in Removal Centers and Advocacy Services for Lawsuits to be Filed,
  • Making All Real Estate Purchase-Sale Transactions for Foreign Clients, Obtaining the Valuation Report, Completing all the Transactions in the Tax Office, Making the Necessary Purchase and Sale Agreements with the Owner of the Real Estate, Realizing the Transactions from the Bank or Taking the Payment as Collateral, Carrying out the Transactions in the Land Registry, and Legalizing the Sale of the Real Estate. Process Follow-up and Advocacy Service Regarding Realization of the process.
  • Providing Legal Counseling Services in the Marriage Process for Foreign Nationals Who Are in Turkey and Want to Apply for Marriage, Making Marriage Contracts,
  • Filing a Divorce Case for the Termination of the Marriage Union of Foreign Nationals, Preparing an Uncontested Divorce Protocol and Opening an Uncontested Divorce Case or Contested Divorce Case, Filing the Cases for Participation Pay and Property Sharing, Providing Litigation Advocacy Services in These Processes,
  • Advocacy Service for Collecting all kinds of Receivables from Domestic and Foreign Persons Not Located in Turkey or Foreign Nationals in Turkey, starting execution procedures, Filing and Concluding Lawsuits in case of Objection,
  • Criminal Advocacy Service everywhere in Turkey and especially in Antalya, following-up and finalizing criminal cases of Foreign Nationals in Turkey as Complainant or Defendant,
  • Litigation Advocacy Service such as writing objections concerning the decisions of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency taken against foreigners
  • Providing Legal Consultancy Services for Foreigners willing to Open a Bank Account in Turkey in order to Establish their Economic Order, Collection and Follow-up of the Documents Required for Opening an Appropriate Bank Account, Legal Consultancy Service for Making the Bank Accounts Available to Foreigners,


  • Carrying out Pre-Feasibility Studies for the Investments to be Made, to Prepare Field and Sector Researches and Analysis Reports,
  • Efficiency Analysis and Reporting the Situation for Determining the Risk and Earnings Status of the Foreign Investor Real or Legal Person’s Investment,
  • Conducting Market and Forensic Research Regarding the Commercial or regarding the Status of the Local Partner, reporting the research.
  • Investigation of State and Sector based Incentives and Investment Supports for Foreign Investments
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Company Model for Foreign Investment, Determining its Type and Legal Structure, Preparing the Company’s Articles of Association, Providing Permission and Registration, Managing All Processes of General Assembly and Board of Directors Meetings and Representing the Client in These Committees,
  • Follow-up of the Works and Transactions to be Made before the Related Institutions and Organizations for the Purpose of Obtaining Permits and Incentives for Foreign Investments
  • Execution and Concluding of Business and Transactions such as Establishing a Foreign Investor Company, Branch, Liaison Office and Business, Obtaining Work and Residence Permits of Foreign Personnel to be Employed,
  • To make independent audits periodically in accordance with International Accounting and Law Standards in the Internal Structure of the Existing Companies to Become Partners or to Be Entered Alone in Turkey, and to Report the Audits to the Investor Foreign Client,
  • Advocacy and Consultancy Service for Solving All Tax Problems, Including Determination of Tax Strategies,
  • Preparation of Necessary Documents During All Kinds of Establishment and Operations such as Strategic Partnerships, Purchases, Service Agreements, Sales Agreements and Rental Agreements, Preparation of Agreements in Many Foreign Languages
  • Compliance of Commercial Transactions and Management Standards with International Institutional Criteria, Legal Analysis and Reporting of Activities and Transactions,
  • As is requested by the Foreign Investor; Preparation and Negotiation of Company Establishment (Incorporation), Establishment of A Branch, Shareholder Agreement (Sha), Articles of Association and Share Purchase Agreement / Spa, Company Acquisition ( Acquisition), Merger, Joint Venture, Corporation Spin-Off / Division, Conversion. Legal Consultancy Service and Process Follow-up on the Planning, Decision, Fulfillment and Implementation of All Business and Transaction Processes,
  • Providing All Kinds of Legal Support in the Field of Investment, Including the Preparation of Company, Branch, Liaison Offices, Representative Establishment, Know-How, License Agreements, Dealership and Distributorship Agreements, Implementation of the Build-Operate-State Model for Foreign Investors

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