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Persons Law and Population Lawsuits

Law of Persons, which is a sub-branch of Civil Law; Covering the concepts such as the beginning and end of the personality, the protection of the personality, the registry of personal situations, the place of residence, regulating some of the rights that people have gained by birth or adulthood, Covering the process from the beginning of the personality to the end, Ability to act, maturity, kinship, settlement It is a branch of law that includes subjects and concepts such as place, protection of name, change of name, beginning and end of personality, presumption of death, absence decision, personal status record, sex change, birth register, death register.
As it is known, according to Turkish Law; In real people, personality begins when the child leaves his mother’s body alive, and it ends with death or absence (disappearance). Since the scope of personal law is all the rights of individuals in the process between birth and death, it is directly related to all branches of law. Because in the field of personal law, there are subjects that form the basis of all branches of law, which include the basic concepts of real and legal personality. For these reasons, the expert advocacy service provided for cases and issues involving personal law is of great importance.

For 25 years, with our working principle service quality and legal disciplines, we have the legal processes of personality relations and related rights and responsibilities regulated throughout the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, and are based in the personal law of real and legal persons all over Turkey, including Antalya. As Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which tries to provide the best legal services in terms of legal cases and population cases, we continue to provide the legal support that our domestic and foreign clients need with our (person) law attorney staff who have academic and professional experience in their fields.

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We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

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We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

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The Main Personnel Law and Population Lawsuits Advocacy Services Provided by Our Law Firm in Antalya and Turkey to Domestic and Foreign Clients in the Field of Personal (Personal) Law and Population Lawsuits are as follows:

  • Advocacy Service Regarding the Litigation of Personality and Personal Name (Name) and Surname Change Cases, Age Enlargement / Age Reduction Cases, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process,
  • Advocacy Services Regarding Application to the Court and Filing a Case for Absenteeism, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process Due to the Disappearance, Absence of the Person, and Lack of Information about him/her for a long time,
  • Advocacy Service Regarding the Litigation, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process for the Elimination of Relationship Problems and the Ensuring and Establishment or Determination of Kinship Relations,
  • Advocacy Services Regarding Sex Change Cases, Religion Change Cases, Adoption Rejection Case, Rejection of Lineage, Appointment of Custody and Guardian, Filing Age Correction Cases, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process,
  • Prevention of Unfair Use of Name, Claiming the Right to Be Forgotten, Defense Cases That Can Be Filed for the Protection of Personality, Detection of the Attack on Personal Rights, Prevention and Termination of the Attack, and Publication of the Attack on Personal Rights, Judgments Regarding the Rights and Liability of the Person, Case for Enrollment (Kazai Rust Advocacy Service Regarding the Litigation, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process,
  • Advocacy Service Regarding the Case for Correction of Personal Status Registry, Paternity Case, Maternity Case, Recognition of the Child Out of Wedlock, Litigation for Correction of Pedigree, Management and Termination of the Litigation Process,
  • Cases Regarding Personal Registry Retention, Case for Correction of Population Register, Cases for Correction of Information in the Land Registry, Cases for Cancellation of Civil Registration, Case for Adultization, Cases for Protection, Correction and Change of Name and Surname, Cases for Correction of Name and Surname in Land Registry and Population Registers, Age Correction Advocacy and Consultancy Services in Lawsuits, Judicial Judgment Lawsuits, Rejection and Correction of Lineage,
  • Filing Lawsuits Against Population Directorates for Age, Name, Surname Change and Correction of All Kinds of Erroneous Records in the Population Registry, Follow-up and Consultancy Service for Non-litigation Affairs within the Population Directorates and the Ministry,
  • Appointment of Trustees and Guardians, Restriction/Assignment of Guardians/Change of Guardian Cases, Custody Cases, Cases of Change of Custody, Minor Age, Restriction, Sentencing of Freedom (imprisonment), Being Under Custody in Cases such as the Person’s Request to be Taken under Custody voluntarily Advocacy Service in Lawsuits,
  • Situations in which Permission is Required before the Civil Court of Peace, which is the guardianship authority; Real Estate Purchase, Disposal, Pledge and Establishment of Another Real Right on These, Purchase, Sale, Transfer and Pledge of Movable or Other Rights and Values Outside the Ordinary Management and Business Needs, Construction Works Exceeding the Ordinary Management Limits, Lending and Taking, Foreign Exchange Commitment Entering, Making Product Term One Year Or More And Real Estate Lease Contracts For Three Years Or More, Dealing With A Restricted Person With An Art Or Profession, Filing A Litigation Except In Urgent Circumstances, Making Peace, Arbitration And Concordat, Property Regime Agreements, Sharing Inheritance And Restricted on behalf of Guardians or Trustees or Restricted for Persons under guardianship, for Matters and Situations such as Making Inheritance Agreements, Declaration of Insolvency without Paying Debt, Making Life Insurance of the Restricted Person, Making Apprenticeship Agreement, Placing the Restricted Person in an Education, Care or Health Institution, Changing the Place of Residence of the Restricted Person Application to the Civil Court of Peace for Permission, Apply Attorney Service for Concluding and Following the Transactions,
  • The Permission of the Civil Court of First Instance, which is the guardianship supervisory authority, is also required; Adoption or Adoption of the Restricted Person, Naturalization or Exiting of the Restricted Person, Acquisition or Liquidation of a Business, Entering into a Partnership Requiring Personal Responsibility or Joining a Company with a Significant Capital, Making Lifetime Monthly or Income or Care Until Death Agreements, Acceptance of Inheritance Advocacy Services for the Finalization and Follow-up of Application Procedures,
  • Making a Complaint to the Magistrates’ Court, which is the guardianship authority, or to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, if the actions constitute a crime, against the actions and actions of the guardian for the person under the guardianship who has the power to discern; Advocacy Service for Objecting to the Decisions of the Guardianship Authority to the Civil Courts of First Instance, which is the Supervisory Authority, within ten days, starting from the day of notification,
  • Legal Support and Advocacy Services for Guardians Regarding the Examining of Reports and Accounts of the Guardianship Authority, and Legal Support and Advocacy Service for Making the Transaction Valid by Having the Transactions Made Without the Permission of the Magistrates’ Court and the Civil Court of First Instance Approved by these Authorities,

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