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Company & Commercial Law and Liability

Company; In the most general terms, it is the gathering of labor or capital of one or more real or legal persons in order to gain financial gain. Company Law, on the other hand, is a branch of law that covers issues such as the establishment of commercial companies, their capital structures, types, partners, administration and operation, representation, termination and liquidation.

Commercial Law, on the other hand, regulates the whole commercial life in terms of real, legal persons and companies; It is a very broad branch of law that defines the whole set of rules for establishing a company, acquiring a commercial legal entity, establishing commercial relations, concluding, maintaining and terminating contracts, and expresses the whole of the legal rules regarding the resolution of disputes that may arise. Every real or legal person is subject to commercial law in every commercial activity and relationship. Commercial Law is actually the commercial life itself. Commercial law is closely related to many branches of law, especially civil law and law of obligations. Commercial law; It is divided into sections such as commercial business law, corporate law, negotiable papers law, transportation affairs, maritime law and insurance law, and is regulated by the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102.

Commercial law, which regulates commercial life and tries to keep it under control, is the lifeblood of a healthy trade. As a result of the further expansion of trade in the developing, globalizing and commercial borders in the world, a large number of new commercial activity areas have emerged. As the diversity of trade has thus increased, the dizzying progress of transportation, technology and communication has also differentiated the processes in commercial activities and relations and made commercial contracts important.
The basic essence of commercial life all over the world is actually commercial contracts. For the healthy progress of business life both for our country and in the international arena; The prevention of disputes, the removal of uncertainties and risks, the acquisition of profits and the attainment of maximum confidence depend on commercial contracts. Since an improperly executed contract will cause risks and sanctions such as damage, compensation and penal clauses to the parties, many businesses are in a difficult situation in their commercial transactions due to the contract conditions and legal gaps that are against them, and they may encounter substantial and destructive results. For this reason, we would like to emphasize that real and legal persons and commercial companies doing business should benefit from the “Preventive and Protective Advocacy” services from a law firm specialized in commercial and corporate law in their commercial business and relations.

As Güneş & Güneş Law Firm working for 25 years we contribute to the realization of the commercial goals with manageable or minimum risks by providing the legal support they need to our domestic and foreign clients with our academic and professional experience in their fields of trade and company lawyers. We continue to provide.

Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

25 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

33 Different Practice Areas

We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

The Major Corporate and Commercial Law Advocacy Services Provided by Our Law Firm to Domestic and Foreign Clients in Antalya and Turkey in the Field of Corporate and Commercial Law are as follows:

  • Establishment of Ordinary Companies, Limited, Joint Stock, Commandite or Collective and Cooperative Companies in line with the Needs and Demands of Domestic and Foreign Clients, Business and Business Establishment and Management Consultancy, Preparation and Renewal of the Company’s Articles of Association, Changes to the Company’s Articles of Association, Increasing and Reducing the Company’s Capital Following and Concluding the Transactions of Foreign or Domestic Capital Companies and Business Establishment and Operation Processes before the Notary and Trade Registry Offices, Giving Information about the Permits to be Obtained from the Public Institutions and Organizations Related to the Business, and Legal Consultancy Service Regarding the Application Process and Follow-up,
  • Providing Consultancy on the Corporate Operation of the Companies, Giving Information on the Company’s Board of Shareholders and Company General Assembly Processes, Organizing Company General Assemblies, Companies’ Board of Directors and General Assembly Meeting Making the Connections, Preparing the Resolutions, Representing the Company Partners at the General Assembly Meetings of the Companies, Supervising the Responsibility of the Management and Manager, Appointment of Private Auditor, Temporary Management and Trustee, Protection of Minority and Privileged Rights, Filing Actions for Annulment of General Assembly Resolutions and Concluding the Lawsuit Providing Legal Consultancy Services,
  • Share Transfers, Regulation of Partnership Relationships, Shareholder Relations, Share Distribution and Transfer Processes, Preparation of Share Sale Agreements, Preparation of Family Constitutions, Institutional Infrastructure of Family Companies, Establishment of Branches or Liaison Offices inside or outside Turkey, Protection of Minority Rights and Related Transactions Preliminary Research, Supervision of the Company’s Activities within the Framework of the Legislation, Following and Concluding the Transactions by Working in Cooperation with Foreign Offices for Turkish Companies on Company Establishments Abroad, Providing Legal Consultancy on International Transactions and Transactions.
  • Establishment, Merger and Acquisition of Domestic and Foreign Companies (M&A), Making Merger and Acquisition Agreements, Company Acquisitions, Preparation of Legal Due Diligence Reports, Preparation of Legal Documents Related to Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Dilligence, Joint Venture, Consortium Consultancy in Type Partnership Institutions, Branch Opening Transactions, Establishment of Liaison Office, Providing Legal Consultancy on Mergers and Acquisitions, Execution of Legal Due Diligence, and Preparation and Negotiation of Share Transfer Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, Voting Agreements, Commercial and Company Advocacy Consultancy Service for Representation Services for Resolving Disputes that May Occur by Litigation or Arbitration,
  • All Kinds of Qualified and Specific Commercial Purchases, Sales, Agency and Distribution, Service, License, Business Development, Marketing, Production, Service/Goods Supply Agreements, Distributor Agreements, Maintenance and Support Online Sales in accordance with the Needs and Projects of Commercial Enterprises and Companies Contracts, Agency, Distributorship, Franchising, Shareholding, Construction, Know-How, Credit, Leasing, Factoring, Sponsorship, Procurement of Goods and Services, License, Contracts, Product Responsibility Agreement, Subcontractor and Subcontracting Agreements, Management Agreements, Production , Leasing, All Kinds of Land, Sea and Air Transport Agreements, Contracts Regulating Legal Relations with Suppliers and Distributors, Financial Leasing, International Distributorship, Dealership, Agency, Confidentiality, Project Development, Long Term Vehicle Rental, Commission Agreements and Exclusivity Agreements, Preliminary Agreements Preparation in Foreign Languages of All Kinds of Commercial Agreements such as Joint Venture and Consortium Agreements Revision and Opinion, Translation and Interpretation of Foreign Language Contracts in accordance with the Legal Technique, Preparation, Supervision and Interpretation of International Contracts, Acting in Contract Negotiations, Negotiation and Representation, Making Feasibility and Strategic Plans, Implementation of Contracts, Risk in Termination of Existing Contracts Making Evaluations and Preparation of Necessary Termination Documents, Termination of Contracts, Preparation of Necessary Termination Protocol and Notices Regarding Termination, Disputes arising from Contracts primarily through Peace; Commercial Consultancy and Advocacy Service Regarding Legal Actions and Lawsuits Regarding Contract Violations Resulting from Failure to Fulfill the Obligations Arising from the Contracts,
  • Evaluation of Contracts in Terms of Competition Law Rules, Providing Consultancy on Compliance with Competition Law Rules, Preparation of Related Notifications and Submission to the Competition Authority, Resolution of Disputes in Cases of Competition between Board Members and the Company, Lawsuits for Unfair Competition and Non-Compete Prohibition, Company Title Title, Protection of Business and Commercial Name and Trademark According to Unfair Competition Provisions, Change of Title, Status of Title in the Face of Transfer or Subsequent Changes, Disputes in the Case of Infringement of Trademark, Registration and Protection of the Trademark, Lawsuits Regarding All Kinds of Trademarks, Patents and Utility Models registered with the Company. These Competition and Trademark Transactions, Including Opening and Following, Disputes arising from Unfair Competition, Requests for Injunctions Regarding Unfair Competition, Lawsuits for Detection of the Absence of Unfair Competition, Lawsuits against Unfair Competition, Compensation Lawsuits Arising from Unfair Competition and Legal Support and Advocacy Service in Disputes,
  • Client in Criminal and Administrative Lawsuits arising from Corporate and Commercial Law Representation of Provinces, Follow-up of All Kinds of Cases within the Scope of Commercial Crimes and Protective Advocacy Services, Smuggling in the Field of Administrative and Criminal Law, Customs, Corporate Tax and Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Public Procurement and Capital Markets, Competition Law and Consultancy on Compliance with Anti-Corruption Practices Providing Legal Support to Company Partners as a Defense Attorney in the Face of Criminal Acts, Providing Legal Information Service to Company Managers about their Criminal and Legal Responsibilities, Criminal and Legal Liability of Company Managers (Managers and Board Members) in Litigation and Criminal Cases. presenting,
  • Arrangement, Preparation, Revision of Employment (Service) Contracts of Employment Contracts with Employees of the Company in accordance with the Relevant Articles of Labor Law, Preparation of Employee Personnel Files, Providing Legal Consultancy Service in the Termination of Employment Contracts, Residence Permit for Key Persons and Foreign Employees of the Company And Work Permit Applications, Arranging Employee Personnel Files, Making/Inspecting Changes in Payrolls Appropriate to Result in Labor Court Lawsuits, Responding to Salary Foreclosures, Arranging Employment Contract Termination Documents and Warnings, Arranging/Revising Notices to Workers in accordance with Labor Law Legislation, Concluding the Termination Process, Lawsuits Regarding Workers’ Rights and Managers’ Compensation, Legal Counseling and Advocacy Services in Legal Business and Lawsuits Related to Employment and Social Security Law,
  • Collection of Company Receivables, Negotiable Documents, Checks and Promissory Notes Receivables from All Kinds of Commercial Business and Contracts through Litigation and Enforcement, Determination of Company Receivables, Follow-up of Company Receivables through Enforcement Offices and Courts, Completion of Seizure and Sale Transactions on Debtor’s Assets and Collection of Receivables, Personal Receivables of Partners Following Receivables and Litigation, Liability Litigation of the Board of Directors and Company Partners, Arranging and Supervising Current Account Relationships, Actions for Receivables from Current Accounts, Objection to Invoices and Current Account Receivables, Necessary Initiatives and Negotiations for the Receivables to be Collected Through Peace in Cases of Disputed Receivables Preparation of Contracts for Concluding, Structuring or Release of Claims, Lawsuits to be Filed Against Companies and/or Against Third Parties by Companies and Lawsuits and Enforcement Proceedings owed by the Company, Courts and Execution of Companies Legal Support and Litigation Advocacy Service for the Legal Representation of the Company in its Directorates and the Follow-up of the Entire Process, Follow-up of the Company’s Receivables from Abroad, and Follow-up of the Creditor and Debtor’s Default Transactions,
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Company Share Transfer Agreements, Shareholders (Shareholders) Agreements, Voting Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Carrying out the Necessary Procedures for the Protection of the Rights of Company Partners, Establishing the Most Appropriate Company and Organization Structure in Line with the Targets and Demands of the Clients, Company and Businesses, and Establishment Procedures in this Line. Realization, Follow-up and Collection of Personal Receivables of the Partners, Providing Legal Information Service to Company Managers about the Transfer of Company Assets, Filing a Lawsuit for Determination of Equity and Concluding the Litigation Process, Resolving Disputes Between Company Partners and Process Management, Cancellation of General Assembly and Board of Directors Decisions, Legal Counseling and Advocacy Service Regarding the Exercise of Minority Rights,
  • E-Commerce Law and Legal Counseling and Information on the Legal Nature of Commercial Transactions Made on the Internet, Legal Consultancy and Advocacy Services for Litigation and Execution of Disputes and Litigations arising from E-Commerce Law and Commercial Transactions Made on the Internet,
  • Lawyers who speak and speak English, German, Russian, Dutch and Dutch languages for foreign capital and foreign companies in the selection of company type, company establishment, company establishment, company establishment stages, company management processes and structuring of companies to be established in Turkey by foreigners. With Legal Consultancy Service,
  • Providing Legal Services in Investment Areas Including Free Zones and Organized Industrial Zones of Companies to be Established in Turkey by Foreigners, Organizing and Providing All Establishment Legal Process, Procedures and Permits for Investments of Foreign Companies in Turkey from A to Z, Partnership within the Framework of Investments Preparation of Agreements, Likewise, Providing Consultancy Services Regarding Correspondence and Applications Regarding Investments of Turkish Companies in Foreign Countries, Free Zone Transactions Y Investment Consultancy, Consultancy on Pre-Investment Legal Assurance, Preparation of All Kinds of Contracts in the Area to be Invested, Preparation of Competition Analysis Report in the Relevant Market, Preparation of the Turkish Market Entry Conditions Report, Company Establishment Procedures in Turkey, Branches and/or Branches of Foreign or Domestic Companies in Turkey Establishment of Liaison Office; Legal Advisory for Investments in Organized Industry and Free Zones, Advice on Acquisition of Foreigners and Companies with Foreign Partners (Foreigners Law, Land Registry Law), Legal Advisory on Preparation of the Legal Infrastructure of International Transactions, Legal Advisory on Investments in Organized Industry and Free Zones, Foreign Companies in Turkey Legal Consultancy for Investments in Turkey, Preparation of a Legal Brief Regarding the Requested Matter Regarding Turkish Law, Preparation of a Legal Report Showing the Current Situation of the Shareholder Company, Legal Consultancy Services for Domestic Companies’ Investments in Foreign Countries,
  • Legal Information in the Company Liquidation Process, Determination and Application of the Legal Remedies to be Followed in the Company Liquidation, Legal Support and Advocacy Services for the Termination, Bankruptcy and Liquidation Procedures of the Company, Concordat Procedures and the Process, Advocacy Service for Filing and Following and Concluding the Case for Postponement of Bankruptcy, Restructuring Legal Support, Consultancy and Advocacy Service, Including the Cancellation of General Assembly Resolutions, and Expulsion from the Company Partnership,
  • Application to International Arbitration Methods and Resolution of Problems by Arbitration, Commercial and Corporate Law Advocacy Service for the Resolution of Cases arising from International Commercial Agreements in Authorized Courts and Litigation Process,
  • Informing Companies on Negotiable Instruments Law, Issuing the Company’s Bills of Exchange, Controlling and Inspecting the Bills of Exchange Given to the Company, Lawsuits for Loss and Cancellation of Bills of Exchange (Check-Bond-Policy), Claims from Checks and Promissory Notes, Litigation in Cases of Negative Determination and Restitution, Litigation Commercial and Corporate Law Advocacy Service for Process Follow-up and Termination,
  • Legal Consultancy on the Purchase and Sale of Stocks and Company Assets (Securities, Real Estate, Products and Services), Actions Regarding Trade Receivables of Companies, Follow-up of the Capital Debt and Preemption Rights of the Company’s Partners on behalf of the Company and Legal Consultancy in Related Disputes, Commercial Claims Lawsuits Follow-up, Collection, Capital Increase and Decrease Transactions, Fulfillment of Trade Registry Transactions, Registration and Announcement, Follow-up of Lawsuits to be Filed on behalf of the Partners on Company Decisions, Follow-up of Voluntary Lawsuits for the Fulfillment of the Capital Debt, Compensation of the Damages Resulting in the Delay of the Fulfillment of the Capital Debt. Legal Counseling and Advocacy Service for the Lawsuits Regarding the Unlawful Use of Dominance by the Company, and the Opening and Concluding of the Claims of the Affiliated Company’s Creditors Due to the Actions of the Holding Company,
  • Reporting the Legal Interpretation of the Business Conducted by Commercial Companies by Evaluating their Compliance with the Law, Submitting Written or Verbal Solution Suggestions Regarding the Legal Problems Experienced by the Client Companies, Providing Consultancy Services Regarding the Corporate Functioning of the Companies, Legal Analysis and Evaluation of the Companies, Legal Review Report Regarding the Risks of the Target Company Legal Due Dillience (Legal Evaluation Report), – Technical Due Diligence Preparation of Regular and Written Reports such as Diligence (Technical Investigation Report), -Environmental Due Diligence (Environmental Evaluation Report), Tax Due Diligence (Tax Inspection Report),
  • Tax Lawsuits of Companies Originated from Tax Law, Compensation and Claims Lawsuits Originated from Commercial Transactions, Lawsuits Related to Competition and Use of Title, Lawsuits Based on Consumer Law, Company General Assembly Meetings and Cancellation of Company General Assembly Resolutions, Cancellation Actions of Company Board of Directors Decisions, Ordinary Partnership Agreements And Litigation and Disputes arising from Ordinary Partnership Relations, Cases for Dissolution of Joint Stock Companies, Cases for Dismissal and Re-Appointment of Auditors in Joint Stock Companies, Cases for Annulment of General Assembly Resolutions in Joint Stock Companies, Cases Regarding the Invalidity of General Assembly Resolutions in Joint Stock Companies, Board Decisions in Joint Stock Companies Actions for Cancellation, Actions for Cancellation of Capital Reduction, Liability and Recourse Actions for Release, Making the Company Situation Compliant with the Law i Lawsuits with Demand, Lawsuits Arising from Disputes Regarding Shares and Rights in the Case of Change of Company Type, Lawsuits for Dismissal of the Partner for Just cause, Lawsuits for the Partner to Leave the Company for Just cause, Preparation of Share Transfer or Option Agreement and Disputes Arising from These Agreements, Trustee Lawsuits, International Commercial Activities Legal Support, Consultancy and Advocacy Service in Commercial and Company Law and All Other Disputes and Lawsuits Originating from the Field of International Trade, such as Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Prevention of Unfair Competition in Imports,
  • Responsibility of Company Managers, Dismissal of Company Managers, Company Signature Circular, Disputes arising from Company Share Transfer, Rights of Partners Against the Company, Shares’ Rights to Dividends, Responsibilities of Company Partners (3) Due to Persons and Public Debts, Provisions to be Applied in Company Confidential Partners, Disputes in Trade Registry Applications Objection to the Decisions of the Trade Registry Office, Lawsuits for the Right to Obtain Information, Use of the Shareholders’ Right to Examine the Books, Lawsuits for Appointment of Private Auditors, Applications within the Scope of the Theory of Leaving the Veil of Legal Entity, Providing Legal Consultancy Services to the Company Management Regarding Corporate Governance Practices within the Company, Carrying out the Legal Corporate Affairs of the Companies And Coordinating (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Share Book, Stocks, Pledge Various Records, etc.), Establishing the Principles to be Adopted in the General Assembly and Board of Directors of the Company, Members of the Board of Directors, Senior Management and Advocacy Service in All Legal Business and Transactions and Cases Related to These Subjects, such as Making Advice to Managers,
  • Preparing Internal Guidelines for Assigning Limited Authorities in Companies, Structuring Company Bodies, Providing Consultancy Services in Meeting and Decision-Making Processes of Company Decision Bodies, Determining the Most Appropriate Company and Organization Structure in Line with the Goals of Our Clients; Establishment of Shareholding Structure, Limitation of Authority, Auditing and Arranging of Company General Assembly Meetings and Other Legal Obligations, Books and Records Preparation, Auditing and Arranging Company Internal Directives, Auditing of Management and Manager Responsibility with General Assembly Meetings of Companies, Private Auditor, Temporary Management and Trustee Advocacy in All Legal Business and Transactions in the Field of Commercial and Corporate Law, such as ensuring the appointment of independent members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, Legal Evaluation of Administrative Decisions and Informing about the Disputes that May Be Encountered Due to These Decisions, Protection of Minority and Privileged Rights. service,
  • Up-to-date follow-up of the legislation changes related to the fields of activity of the companies and informing the companies about the subject changes, Auditing and arranging the books and records of the Company’s General Assembly meetings and other legal obligations, Auditing the business book and other commercial books, Protection of Company Data and Personal Data, commercial invoices. Inspecting and issuing warnings to third parties who have commercial relations with the companies, and responding to the warnings sent by third parties to the companies, Supervision and regulation of sponsorship agreements, Partnership agreements, Preparation of agreements between partners who own commercial enterprises, Responding to the warnings that may be against you, Consultancy on Project Financing and Guarantees, Follow-up of the Creation Processes of Joint Stock Company Shares, Turkish Companies Co-operation with Local Offices Regarding Company Establishments Abroad, All Legal Business and Transactions, such as the Follow-up and Concluding of Transactions, within the Field of Commercial and Company Law, and Advocacy Services in Cases Related to These Issues


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