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Land and Air Transport Law and Cases

Transportation Law, goods (cargo, cargo, shipment) and passenger transportation and contracts, and the transportation responsibility based on this contract, the transportation of goods. regulating the loss, damage, delivery and related conditions, relations and responsibilities of the goods transported by land, sea, air or rail; In passenger transportation, the carrier is a branch of law that regulates the death, injury, delay, damage, loss and late delivery of the passenger’s luggage.

Transportation law is a comprehensive and versatile branch of law that is not only at the national level but also at the international level, as international regulations such as CMR, CIM, Montreal Convention are directly affected and international type of transportation bills are used.

Since each type of transport has developed its own law in the historical process; There has not been a general transport law regulating all land, sea, air and rail transport, and this has led to the formation of comprehensive and different legal rules on the basis of sectors related to sea, land and air transport within the transport law itself.
This diversity and comprehensiveness requires being an expert and experienced in resolving all kinds of disputes arising from land, air and sea transportation.

Here, Güneş & Güneş Law Firm is a law firm specializing in the resolution of all legal disputes arising from domestic and international land, air and sea transportation. And for 25 years, it has been providing legal and legal consultancy services to its national and international clients in the best and most successful way in Antalya and throughout Turkey.

Why Gunes & Gunes Law Firm?

25 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

33 Different Practice Areas

We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

The main litigation and advocacy services provided by the expert and experienced lawyers of Güneş & Güneş Law Firm in Land and Air Transport Law and cases are as follows;

In the Field of Land Transportation Law;

  • Advocacy and consultancy services in compensation and receivable cases related to the loss and damage of cargo arising from land transportation,
  • Whether the damage in land transportation is covered by insurance, defect situation, advocacy and consultancy services in insurance recourse cases arising from CMR or commodity transportation insurance policies,
  • Consultancy and advocacy services in the examination and preparation of transportation contracts, examination of commodity transportation, subscription, CMR and all policies, preparation of special conditions and clauses,
  • Consultancy and advocacy services in the areas of follow-up and compensation claims of domestic and foreign companies and individuals, damage status, whether they are covered by insurance and recourse to the faulty party,
  • Lawyer’s fee in land transportation, especially in cases of injury or death of passengers during transportation by bus, in order to file pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation cases and to follow up these cases,
  • Lawyer’s fee to file material and moral compensation cases and follow-up of these cases in cases of death, damage or loss of cargo during cargo transportation,
  • Preparation of Logistics, Storage and Warehouse contracts and Sub-transport contracts,
  • Advocacy service in the resolution of disputes regarding transportation by rail

In the Field of Air Transport Law;

  • Advocacy and legal consultancy services in cases related to the placement (establishment) and removal (cancellation) of property and pledge rights on aircraft and disputes related to ownership and pledge,
  • Litigation and advocacy services in the fields of labor law and litigation related to worker’s receivables in cases arising from Airborne labor law, in cases of occupational accidents that may occur in air transportation, in the execution of compensation claims, in the execution of compensation calculations and in the execution of processes, and in the realization of compensation claims in dismissal cases.
  • Comprehensive Legal and Legislative Consultancy Services for Many Real and Legal Persons in the Industry, such as Commercial Airlines, Airports, Corporate Jets, Insurance Companies, Financial Service Providers, Service Providers, Financial Leasing Companies and Regulatory Institutions,
  • Litigation advocacy services for filing a lawsuit for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in cases of Injury or Death of a Passenger in Airplane Accidents,
  • Legal support and advocacy in disputes on Delays, Flight Cancellations, Passenger Rights, Liability Insurance, Cargo Damage and Loss Cases,
  • Legal consultancy and advocacy services in Pilot and Cabin Personnel Labor Law Disputes and lawsuits,
  • Provides litigation advocacy services regarding the filing of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in cases of injury and death in Balloon / Helicopter Accidents within the framework of Marine Water Sports.
  • It provides services in the fields of all legal disputes and disputes arising from domestic and international aircraft transportation, compensation cases for loss and damage of cargo and resolution of disputes, compensation and recourse cases arising from the responsibility of the carrier.
  • Our Office, provides representation and consultancy services to its clients regarding transactions in front of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, General Directorate of State Airports Authority, Private Sector Aviation Enterprises Association of Turkey (TÖSHID), Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), International Stone Transport and Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), Airline Cargo Council (ACC) and Air Transport Facilitation Committee (HANKOK) and similar institutions and organizations.
  • Criminal advocacy service in criminal cases arising from air accidents and air liability law,
  • Litigation arising from competition law
  • Litigation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages in cases arising from hijacking actions and liability law,
  • Representation, support and advocacy services in dispute resolution between domestic and foreign airline companies,
  • Legal service for the preparation of necessary documents for the financing of aircraft,
  • Rental and sale of aircraft and due diligence on these issues and preparation of reports,
  • Representation, legal support and advocacy services for clients who are aircraft manufacturers, lessees, lessees, operators, banks, financing companies, mortgage creditors and mortgage debtors in the purchase and sale of cross-border and domestic aircraft and parts, loan and lease financing transactions,
  • Legal consultancy on national and international (especially Cape Town Convention) aviation legislation issues,
  • Legal consultancy on the registration of the aircraft in the Turkish Civil Aircraft Registry, its cancellation and the establishment and removal of collateral on aircraft,
  • Representation and legal consultancy regarding the preparation and examination of contracts, negotiation of contracts and participation in Closings on behalf of clients in aviation transportation services and disputes,
  • Representing airline companies, insurance companies, pilot and flight crew in disputes regarding liability, litigation advocacy service when necessary,
  • Legal support and consultancy on conducting airline activities and transactions, including public and private financing, transfer and securing airline assets, aviation bankruptcy and financial restructuring,
  • Representation and legal consultancy services to airlines, operators and other stakeholders in the purchase, sale and financing of aircraft and technical equipment,
  • Legal consultancy service on air charter disputes
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