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Family Law and Litigation

Since the establishment, maintenance and protection of the family, which is the smallest building block of the society, is very important for the establishment of a safe and peaceful society, it is very important for family members to regulate all these relations, to eliminate possible problems and to end the the family relationship in the most successful way by protect the rights of the parties when necessary.The set of rules that regulate these relations is the Family Law.

Family Law is a branch of law that is within the branches of Civil Law and regulates family relations and all family-related issues. Family Law consists of three parts: marriage, kinship and guardianship. In the section of marriage law, the subjects of marriage, divorce, general provisions of marriage and property regimes between spouses are regulated; In the kinship section, subjects such as the establishment of paternity, adoption and family divisions are regulated. In the last part, the subjects of guardianship such as the order, execution and termination of guardianship are included.
Family Law is broad in terms of its scope and is a field of law that individuals frequently apply in present life. Mainly in this field; There are legal regulations on issues such as engagement, marriage, divorce, custody, alimony, common house of the spouses, property regime, paternity, adoption.

The basic essence of Family Law is marriage. Marriage, in essence, is the most important contract a person has ever signed in his life. The divorce case, on the other hand, is a lawsuit filed for the annulment of the marriage contract and constitutes an important turning point in the lives of the spouses as well as the joint children in terms of its results and effects. For this reason, the divorce case and the proper management of the divorce process are very important. If the divorce process is not managed properly, this process can turn into a trauma, leading to serious problems such as loss of rights and economic problems for spouses and children. In terms of the financial consequences of divorce, if the desired result cannot be achieved effectively, serious grievances may be experienced for the parties. In this process, it is very important that the parties are informed and directed correctly and that these issues are dealt by competent experts.

Güneş & Güneş Law Firm, which has been representing its clients as the best and most successful law firm for 25 years, in cases related to family law issues such as divorce cases, custody, alimony, family residence, property regime, paternity, adoption; With its expert and competent divorce lawyers in cases such as divorce, alimony, property regime, custody, it provides solution and result-oriented services throughout Turkey as your supporter in this important process for you.

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23 Years of Experience

We have been providing legal consultancy services to our clients since 1999.

20 Person Team

We are a family of 20 people, with our lawyers and assistant teammates who are experts in different fields of work.

Service in 6 Languages

Internationally, we provide native language-level legal advice in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Dutch.

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We provide legal support to our clients in many different fields of work.

Legal Services of Lawyers of Güneş & Güneş Law Firm Specialized and Experienced in the Field of Family Law are as follows;

  • Preparation of Property Regime Agreements to be Valid in their Marriage upon agreement of the Spouses before Marriage,
  • Lawsuits Regarding Marriage Permit, Removal of Iddat Period (waiting period) for women, and Follow-up of the Process,
  • Cases Regarding Revocation of Gifts, Removal of Material and Moral Damages, Especially Resulting from the Disruption of the Engagement,
  • Filing Uncontested and Contested Divorce Cases and Successfully Following and Concluding the Process,
  • Preparation of the Agreement for Uncontested Divorce, Management of the Process and Representation in Negotiations,
  • In Divorce Cases, Actions for Injunction, Participation and Poverty Alimony, and Joint Custody of Children, Material and Moral Compensation Cases,
  • Case for Increasing, Reducing and Abolishing Alimony Regarding Measures, Poverty Alimony, Aid and Affiliate Alimonies Given by the Court,
  • Liquidation of Property Regime Between Spouses and Cases for Participation and Management of the Process
  • Establishment of Parental relationship between Child Born Out of Wedlock and Father, Denial of Paternity or Paternity Lawsuits,
  • Follow-up of Child Property Lawsuits, Adoption Procedures and Application Process and Follow-up of this Process,
  • Follow-up of Legal Support and Processes in Issues such as Guardianship, Trustee, Legal Counseling
  • Litigation Processes and Follow-up on Issues such as Receiving, Changing and Supervision of Custody,
  • Litigation of Processes such as Establishment of Guardianship, Appointment, Change and Supervision of Guardianship,
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Divorce Decisions from Foreign Courts regarding Turkish Citizens Living Abroad,
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Alimony, Divorce and Custody Decisions Given by Foreign Court Decisions,
  • Processing the common house of de spouses Annotation in the Land Registry,
  • Legal Support in the Process of Requesting, Taking and Complying with the Precautionary Decision Regarding Protection in Case of Domestic Violence,
  • Legal Support for All Asset Contracts, Preparation of Contracts and Consultancy services on These Issues,
  • Case for Annulment of Marriage Due to Absolute Nullification and Follow-Up of the Process,
  • Action for Annulment of Marriage Due to Relative Nullification and Follow-up of the Process,
  • Custody and Alimony Law Collection of Alimony Receivables with Legal Remedy against the defaulting party
  • Opening and concluding a criminal case due to non-payment of alimony debts,
  • Restriction of the right of legal acting of Any of the Spouses
  • Litigation Regarding the Resolution and Conclusion of All Other Disputes in Family Courts
  • Request for Inheritance Documents, Cases Regarding Annulment of Inheritance Documents,
  • Application and Transactions for Determination of Household Goods and Spouse’s Property,
  • International Child Abduction Return Case and Follow-up of the Process,

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