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Actions For Restructuring Company Debt

Restructuring is the arrangements made in favor of the debtor on the existing debt amount or payment plan by mutual negotiations with the official institutions or informally directly with the creditors in case the debtor falls into difficulty or inability to pay. The issues at the center of the Restructuring process can be summarized as strategic evaluation, capital improvement, cost reduction, acquisition and financial, legal risk and opportunity analysis.

Güneş & Güneş, with its lawyer staff, provides its clients with practical or informal advice on debt restructuring, and accordingly represents their clients in restructuring negotiations and transactions.Restructuring a is an institution that is applied not only in cases of insolvency, but also in processes such as growth or contraction decisions, mergers, acquisitions, divisions, reviewing and renewing supply chains when necessary, especially in order to keep up with the frequent fluctuations in the world economy and the strategic changes in global markets. Our lawyers, working in the field of debt and investment consultancy, not only during the formation of structuring requirements and conditions, but also before, provide services to our clients for evaluating financing options, loan application, credit rating process, developing financial strategies and relations with factoring institutions.

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