Av. Umut Güneş

Umut Güneş

Founding Lawyer

Born in 1973, Umut Güneş graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1996. After completing his legal internship, he established Güneş & Güneş Law Firm in 1999.
Umut Güneş, in his career as a lawyer for more than 23 years, has served as a consultant to local and foreign clients; He worked as a lawyer in the resolution of many national and international legal disputes.
He has worked mainly in the fields of municipal law, commercial law, criminal law, contracts law, corporate law, debt restructuring, construction and real estate law, real estate law, administrative law, hotel rental and management contracts, and serves his clients as a lawyer in cases in all legal branches.
Umut Güneş, who also actively participates in politics, worked voluntarily in various non-governmental organizations and undersigned various social responsibility projects.
In addition to his legal career, he is studying sociology as a secondary education and speaks English.